APC's Fisheries Conference 2020 - Moncton, NB

A list of documents and available presentations from APC's 2020 Fisheries Conference in Moncton, NB.

January 29th, 2020:

Overview of Atlantic Fisheries Programs
- John G. Paul (APC)
An overview from the executive director of APC about Atlantic Fisheries programs.

DFO Action Plan on Reconciliation Strategy
- Gorazd Ruseski (DFO)
A description of DFO's reconciliation strategy.

Update on Action and Renewal of DFO's Indigenous Programs
- Kevin Fram (DFO)
An update on the renewal of DFO's Indigenous-based programs.

AFN Fisheries Update
- Ken Paul (AFN)
An update on AFN's national fisheries activities.

Implementing the Fisheries Act
- Katie Schleit (Ocean's North)
A presentation outlining measures to improve outcomes for depleted marine fish populations.

Halifax Joint Rescue Coordination Centre
- Captain Doug Gardner (RCAF)
A presentation outlining the joint rescue coordination efforts between the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian AIr Force.

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre - Halifax
- Sean Arbour (CCG)
A presentation describing how to contact search and rescue authorities from both a Coast Guard and Air Force perspective.

Fishing Vessel Safety and Regulations
- Robert Freake (Transport Canada)
An update to Transport Canada's fishing vessel safety regulations.

Right Whales and Fisheries
- Sean Brillant (Canadian Wildlife Federation)
A description of the right whales' decline in Canada and potential solutions moving forward.

Let FMS Work for your CFE
- Cindy Theriault (Fisheries Business Development Team) & Evelyn London (Oromocto FN)
An overview of the updated Fisheries Management System and how it can benefit community fishermen.

January 30th, 2020:

APC Fisheries & Integrated Resources Updates
- Melissa Nevin (APC)
An update on APC's Fisheries & Integrated Resources department.

Atlantic Fisheries Fund
- Denise Lang (DFO)
An outline of DFO's Atlantic Fisheries Fund.

Opportunities in Aquaculture for Atlantic First Nations
- Adrian Desbarats (Ulnooweg) & Jason Mullen (Ulnooweg)
An overview of potential opportunities in aquaculture for Atlantic First Nations.

Bideford Shellfish Hatchery
- Mike Randall (Lennox Island FN)
An overview of Lennox Island's aquaculture operations.

Aquaculture in Miawpukek First Nation
- Clyde Collier (Netukulimk Fisheries Ltd.)
An overview of Miawpukek's aquaculture operations.

We'koqma'q's Hatchery
- Don Davis (We'koqma'q FN)
An overview of We'koqma'q's fish hatchery.

Fishery Co-Products: Increasing Value and Sustainability through Strategic Utilization
- Dr. Zhuliang Tan (SuBait)
A scientific overview about how sustainable bait through co-products can promote econmic and environmental success in the fisheries sector.

The Status of Fisheries Rebuilding in Canada
- Devan Archibald (Oceana)
A description of Oceana's 2019 Fishery Audit and a health status report on the fish stocks of Canada.

2020 Seafood Market Outlook
- Zack Whynot (TriNav)
An international market outlook of the seafood industry for 2020.

Translating Innovation into Products and Services
- Johannes S. Larsen (Valores) & Sebastien Hache (Valores)
A presentation outlining how innovation can impact the fisheries industry.

Marine Hybrid Energy
- Harry Sappier (Peskotomuhkati Nation)
A technical description of how hybrid battery-powered boats can both help the environment and save costs over time.

AKA Hybrid Fishing Boat
- Darren O'Leary (AKA)
An overview of AKA's hybrid boat prototype.

Marine Hybrid Solutions for Commercial Marine Applications
- Marindustrial
A description of engineering processes for marine hybrid boats.

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