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The APC Fisheries and Integrated Resources Department is responsible for research, analysis, and development of policy alternatives and programs for all aspects of fisheries for our member communities. We support and work cooperatively with First Nation Leadership, Treaty Tables, Tribal Councils, AAROMs, Fisheries Directors, Academia, NGOs and Federal/Provincial Departments. Our work includes supporting the commercial communal fisheries operations of member communities and fostering long-term collaboration and management with communities and First Nation organizations on fisheries issues. We have a variety of projects and initiatives currently underway.

For more information about APC’s Fisheries work please contact: fisheries@apcfnc.ca

A link to APC's current staff directory: Apc Staff Directory External Jan 9 2019

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Latest News

APC's 2019 Fisheries Conference - Nominations for Awards

APC's annual Fisheries Conference is upcoming this January of 2019. As always, Commercial Fisheries Awards are handed out at the conclusion of the event. Attached is the necessary form to vote for worthy candidates: APC Fisheries Awards: Nomination Form

Deadliest Year in the Fishing Industry

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has called 2018 the deadliest year in a decade for the fishing industry.

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